Vision Insurance

Today, medical expenses of all kinds, including regular eye examinations, paying for prescription eyewear, eye surgeries etc., especially for large families is increasing enormously. Some of these contact lens costs can be settled to some extent by acquiring vision insurance for yourself and your family.

Vision insurance is a wellness benefit designed to provide routine, preventive eye care such as eye examinations, eyewear, and other services at a lower cost. It is often linked to indemnity health insurance, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), and Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) that have contracted with managed vision care networks to provide eye care services. Thus, when you buy vision insurance, you get access to optometrists and ophthalmologists, eyewear stores, optical laboratories, and LASIK/PRK surgeons as well as routine, preventive eye care services at reduced rates.

As an individual you may consider the option of purchasing your own vision benefit plan while group vision insurance can be obtained through your company, association or through an approved government program.

Vision insurance typically comes in the form of either a vision benefits package or a discount vision plan. In the former, the patient gets the benefit of eye care services in exchange for an annual premium or membership fee. A discount vision plan provides eye care at fixed discounted rates after an annual premium or membership fee is paid. Both plans can be tailored to meet the varied requirements of a wide range of customers.

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