Contact Lenses and Children

By virtue of the advances in technology, contact lenses can now be successfully fitted in young people including children. Although, many people believe that it is important to wait until the children's eyes stop changing, there really no reason to do so. Children can start wearing lenses as soon as their eyeglasses have been prescribed. Even children aged two and three can wear lenses if their prescription is supported by medical reasons. Since eye shapes of children are similar to adults, the range of lenses available to both is also pretty much the same.

However, to ensure successful wearing of contact lenses in children, one must be careful and follow some basic instructions

  • Only those children who need to wear spectacles all the time, can avail of this benefit.
  • Moreover, the children should be able to learn and handle the wearing of contact lenses well; they should be able to remove and fit the lenses on their own
  • They should also know and understand the hygiene aspects of wearing contact lenses
  • Children just like adults should go for regular check-ups and after care with the concerned eye doctor.
  • Any type of change in lens prescription or choosing the best type of lens should be left to the discretion of the eye doctor.

The benefits and disadvantages of contact lenses remain same for both, children as well as adults. There are many types of contact lenses ranging from soft to rigid gas permeable. You have to choose which one is best suited to your eye type. However, most youngsters prefer soft contact lenses or daily disposables as they are relatively low maintenance and better for sports and other activities. Hard gas permeable lenses are more suited for children with short-sight as they tend to slow down the increase in prescription.

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