Types of colored contact lenses

Among the different contact lens features, color contact lenses have become hugely popular, as people who have good eyesight too can wear them. While some people wear contact lenses to correct vision, others wear them to make a style statement, by simply changing the color of their eyes. These lenses are similar to normal corrective lenses, the only difference being that they are colored. The different types of colored lenses available today are as follows:

Visibility tint – This type of colored lens has a very light tint, like a simple blue or green tint, which only allows you to see your lenses better when removing and inserting. They do not actually affect the color of your eyes, and are only meant for convenience.

Enhancement tints - An enhancement tint is solid and translucent and is used to enhance the existing color of your eyes. People, who have light eyes, use enhancement tints to make the color of their eyes more intense.

Opaque tints – Opaque tints are novel in that they can dramatically and drastically change the color of your eyes. These are made of solid colors and are available in a wide array of hues like green, blue, violet, topaz, hazel, gray and so on. Since these are not transparent, opaque tints alter the color of your eye completely.

Light-filtering tints - Light filtering tints are relatively new and used mostly by sportspersons to mute some colors and enhance some others in particular, like tennis balls. Due to this the ball stands out against the background, making it easier to spot.

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