Care For Disposable Lenses

When using and caring for your contact lenses, it is important to replace these from time to time. This ensures good health for the eyes and comfort with the contact lenses. The reason for this is that with continuous or frequent wear, contact lenses develop up a build-up of proteins and lipids, which may tend to impair the vision. These deposits are a result of tearing in the eyes and are natural side effects of daily wear. However, if not taken care of, these deposits can lead to infection in the eyes.

Many contact lens wearers now prefer disposable lenses to traditional lenses, as there is less hassle and maintenance. Traditional lenses used for longer duration require intense care, frequent sterilization and cleaning to avoid build-up of deposits. With disposable lenses, there is no question of removing build-up. You can simply use a new pair, when the old one gets dirty or unusable. They are a healthy and convenient alternative to other contact lenses, which require greater care.

Moreover, disposables offer the same vision correction as regular lenses. In fact, disposable contact lenses are also designed such that they can correct almost all vision problems including astigmatism. With advent of improved technology has given manufactures the opportunity to provide consumers with the highest quality lenses and that too at affordable prices. Most disposable lenses are also made of materials similar to traditional lenses. They are also available for people who need bifocal lenses, as well as suffer from vision problems such as farsightedness (hyperopia) and nearsightedness (myopia)

Besides proving to be a healthier alternative, disposable lenses cost the same as traditional lenses. In fact they are more affordable as consumers do not have to pay extra for cleaning products and daily care of lenses. Some people use disposable contact lenses to change the appearance of their eye color.

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